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It can be difficult to escape the noise in the city, commune with nature, and relieve stress but at Beach Yoga Chicago you can do all three! Yogis roll out their mats on Chicago Beach's fine sands. As hushing waves, sweep before you and the natural beauty of Montrose Pointe Bird Sanctuary is behind you. Instructors offer a variety of classes to ensure practitioners of all levels can feel welcome during each session they attend. 


Where are the classes held?
Check-in for classes will be in front of The Dock Restaurant at Montrose Beach on the stairs nearest to the volleyball nets. The Dock is a blue and white building with a café/restaurant, restrooms, concession stands and a patio.

 Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to class for check-in.


Is there parking available nearby?
Plenty of free parking is available throughout Montrose Beach streets. Parking on Simons Dr. or Montrose Harbor Dr. will be nearest to the Beach Yoga check-in table and classes.

Are there yoga mats available?
Yes, we do have mats available for a $5 rental fee or please bring a mat or a blanket.


What is the cancellation policy due to weather?

Classes will be canceled if the temperature is below 65º or above 90º degrees and also in the case of rain or extreme wind. Cancellations will be posted on Facebook at least 60 minutes prior to class time and on our schedule page.


Is there anywhere to store my personal items?
Beach Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please bring all items and valuables to class with you as we do not have a storage facility and are unable to hold any items. Thank You!


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Indigo Monae'

Indigo began her yogic path in 2007, has since trained in many forms of Meditation/Yoga.

  Indigo is E-RYT 500 hour certified, teaching since 2010, studying medical qi gong, she was certified in Thailand on Foot Reflexology and Thai Massage.  Indigo also completed many Vipassana meditation


Wade Gotwals

Wade has been teaching since 2001 in Chicago and all around the world.

Wade is Yoga Alliance Certified in 2003 in California

200 Hr E-RYT and YACEP 



Sarah Palmer Prindable

Sarah is passionate about empowering people to live their best lives through yoga, meditation and energy work. Her deepest belief is that every person is their own greatest healer & teacher. Mindful is the key word in any of the six yoga styles she teaches.

Marissa Chavez.JPG

Consistency is key to yoga practice. AJ is a RYT-200 certified practitioner, trained by Suddha Weixler at the Chicago Yoga Center. You will find his classes follow the Ashtanga tradition with a mixture of Hatha yoga. He focuses on a dynamic practice— complete with flow, strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. His experience also brings attention to alignment and breathwork. AJ has taught all ages and levels, from early childhood beginners to experienced adult practitioners. He is excited to return to Beach Yoga Chicago community for his fifth season

Sirena Zapata

Sirena's love for yoga began 8 years and she has recently completed her 200-hour teacher training. She has also been involved in sports for a long period of her life, including softball and cheerleading, Sirena found that yoga fulfilled her need for movement. However, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that she dove deeper into the spiritual side of yoga, practicing pranayama and meditation at Rising Lotus with the guidance of some of their instructors, who emphasized the importance of being in tune with the soul.

Marissa Chavez

Marissa is a spiritually orientarte yoga teacher whose ultimate goal is to share the power and peace that yoga brings to others through a strong, steady, mindful practice. She has taught since 2017 being certified right here in Chicago at Nature Yoga. Marissa has taught in Chicago and the surrounding area as well as children in Jamaica and outdoor yoga in Puerto Rico. Yoga will always be her first spiritual door which has led her to being certified in reiki and indigenous medicine in Mexico. Marissa feels honored and overjoyed to be able to share yoga with the Chicago community.

Have  a happy new years Chicago!!_See you on  June  1 2017 when the Sun is shining and the
Angelie Cortina

Angelie is a 200-Hr CYT, a part-time law student and analyst at Rush University Medical Center. She discovered yoga while in high school when her mom took her and her sister to their first yoga class. She completed her yoga certification in February 2020 and can't wait to her the passion for yoga with the world. 

New Moon Jams

 Valeria is  200-hour Yoga Alliance registered. Very knowledgeable and experienced in anatomy and physiology, majoring in Health Science and Psychology at Bradley University. She's been working for 3 years at Aligned Modern Health, a chiropractic and acupuncture wellness clinic. Valeria's passion to teach yoga stems from a place of helping people connect back to their intuitive self and come together as a community. 


Once a month we meet as a community to celebrate with the moon. This starts with Yoga and after we dance with the Montrose dog beach drummers creating the mood. Join us once a month and connect with the Beach Yoga Chicago community. 

Valeria Gantert

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Beach Yoga Chicago

Montrose Beach  200 W Montrose Harbor Dr, Chicago, IL

North Ave Beach 1600 N. Lake Shore Dr, Chicago IL 


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