Movement + Medicine 

Chakras Series 

Saturdays 6-8p


July 25 - Root 

Aug. 1 - Sacral 

Aug. 15 -  Solar Plexus

Aug. 22 -Heart 

Aug. 29 - Throat 

Sept. 5- Third Eye 

Sept. 12 - Crown


Planet Lit 

Elevated Dance Party

Saturdays 6-10p


August 8 

September 19

October 10


Jean Edrada is the founder of Movement and Medicine. Serving and impacting communities across different ages, backgrounds and cultures in Chicagoland, the Bay area and Los Angeles for 10+ years, Jean understands the importance of a resilient body, mind and spirit. Her mission is to create safe and supportive opportunities to explore one’s own internal world and how we relate to and move through a complex and complicated external world. She envisions a world in which people of different colors, shapes, sizes, abilities, challenges, conditions and expressions of life have equitable access to resources and spaces for healing. Jean believes in an embodied spiritual practice and strives to empower the individual on their journey to the Highest Self.

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